Cover your car from unexpected breakdowns before it's too late.

Cover your car from unexpected breakdowns before it's too late.

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Transfer Case

Drive Axle

Fuel System





AC / Heating


Braking System



Hi-Tech Parts

The chart above is a general overview. See our What's Covered page for more details.


Questions? Give us a call:

Questions? Give us a call:

Zoomi 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Coverage Plans

With two comprehensive plans to choose from, you can find great coverage and at unbeatable price.


Our most affordable plan. ZoomiCare covers the major components of your vehicle's powertrain, including its engine, transmission, and differential.


Our enhanced coverage option. ZoomiCare+ covers everything in ZoomiCare and adds extra coverage for your steering, suspension, AC, electrical, and more.

We Fill the Coverage Gap

Breakdowns are over 10x more likely than car accidents but are NOT covered by your insurance. Zoomi pays for your surprise breakdowns to give you true peace of mind while driving. That's why we're the perfect companion to your existing car insurance.

Average repair costs


With ZoomiCare




Water Pump






Air Conditioning



*After your chosen deductible

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Below is just a small sample of reviews from some of Zoomi's satisfied customers!

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Zoomi Makes Breakdown Coverage Simple

When your vehicle is protected by one of Zoomi's breakdown protection plans, you'll never have to pay for covered repairs again. It's as simple as...

Coverage You Can Trust

With Zoomi, you can be confident that your coverage is secure. All of our plans are backed by A-rated insurance companies and our partners are experts in the industry. In fact, they have over...

01| Get Zoomi

Get breakdown coverage 100% online. After our 10-day verification period, your breakdowns are covered!

02| File a Claim

When a breakdown occurs, have your mechanic call our claims team before repairing your vehicle. We'll do the rest to get your breakdown repaired.

03| We Pay the Bill

If your breakdown is covered by your ZoomiCare plan, we'll pay the bill. You'll only be responsible for your selected deductible.

04| Relax & Drive

Hit the road with the peace of mind that your car's breakdowns are covered. Plus, your rate will never increase because of a claim.

Coverage You Can Trust

With Zoomi, you can be confident that your coverage is secure. All of our plans are backed by A-rated insurance companies and our partners are experts in the industry. In fact, they have over...

$1 Billion

In Paid Claims

1.8 Million

Vehicles Covered

30 Years

Of Quality Service

Zoomi Subscriptions Also Include...


No Mileage Limit

Car lifted onto a tow truck



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Rental car and key

Rental Car 



Don't see your question? See more FAQs or schedule a call with a Zoomi representative here.

What is ZoomiCare?

ZoomiCare is a monthly subscription that covers your car from unexpected mechanical breakdowns, which are over 10x more likely than the accidents covered by your standard auto insurance.

What's covered by a Zoomi repair plan?

Our repair plans cover a wide variety of your car's most essential mechanical components, including the labor need to get you on the road again. We even cover up to $100 to get your vehicle towed to a repair shop! With 3 plans to choose from, the coverage you need is only a few clicks away. 

See our coverage table for a breakdown (no pun intended) of what we offer! 

What's not covered by a Zoomi repair plan?

Zoomi's plans provide coverage for unexpected breakdowns, not pre-existing conditions or routine maintenance/wear and tear. Additionally, after-market alterations and performance-enhancing parts are not covered. Instead, we cover the surprise repair bills that break the bank once your vehicle's factory warranty expires.

Do I really need breakdown protection?

Once your factory warranty expires, you’re on the hook for any breakdowns your vehicle experiences. With breakdowns over 10x more likely than car accidents, this is a huge financial risk for millions of drivers. That’s why purchasing breakdown protection once your vehicle’s factory warranty expires is a wise financial decision that could save you thousands of dollars.

Is ZoomiCare available for rideshare and delivery drivers?

Yes! All ZoomiCare plans are available for rideshare and delivery drivers. However, it is important that you indicate you are a rideshare or delivery driver when filling out our pricing form. This ensures we get you the correct coverage.

Is there a waiting period?

All plans have a 10 day verification period during which no claims may be filed. After the verification period is over, your coverage goes live and you are able to file a claim for any subsequent breakdowns.

Why are Zoomi's prices so affordable?

While our competitors often require you to commit to a 36-month contract with financing arrangements that include markup costs, Zoomi offers month-to-month coverage. This allows us to avoid extra financing costs, making Zoomi the most affordable solution on the market. Plus, with no expensive call centers or celebrity spokespeople, we can pass even more savings onto our customers!

Where can I take my vehicle to be repaired?

You can take your vehicle to any certified repair shop or visit RepairPal to find and book a nearby appointment. Please make sure the mechanic calls our claims number before they begin repairing your vehicle.

How does the deductible on my plan work?

For all approved repairs, you pay your deductible and we pay everything else. As long as it's the same visit to a repair shop, you only pay your deductible once, no matter how many covered parts are repaired.

With 3 different deductible options, you can choose the option that gives you the right monthly payment for your wallet! Just check our pricing calculator. 

Can I cancel my plan?

Of course! To cancel a plan, access your account management and follow the menus to cancel completely online. When you cancel, coverage will continue for the remainder of your payment term and will not renew after. 

How do I use my coverage?

If you experience a breakdown, take your vehicle to any certified repair shop to have the problem diagnosed. Then, have your mechanic call our claims specialists at (833)-315-2146. From there, you pay the deductible and we pay the rest on any covered items! 

Are there any mileage limits once I purchase coverage?

Nope! Once you're covered, you can drive as many miles as you want.